The Red Sense, a Khmer Movie

I came accross this stunning movie on Youtube. It’s a Cambodian movie shot in both Australia and Battambang, Cambodia. It has a beautiful synopsis relating to the Pol Pot regime.

Here is the Synopsis:

Set in Cambodia and Australia, Three decades ago, nearly two millions lives were massacred. Among them, a good man was taken away from a beautiful woman, Mealear (Sarinaluy). Drifted to a modern world, she has found herself a happy and comforting life.
One day her loved one’s spirit calls for the truth and to an unjustified cause.
Her life will never be the same when she uncover the identity of the ruthless killer behind her father’s gruesome murder.

Now face to face with the man to tries to redeem his evil past, she vows to find the truth, bring him to justice and put her father’s spirit to rest.

Click play to watch the trailer

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