Who the hell is Dara?

I am a troubled by fun kind of human.

I am passionate about life with dignity.

My thinking and feelings are expressed here in my own personal space.

Currenlty I work, play and dream big together with 47 artists and 70 team members in Phare Performing Social Enterprise (PPSE) http://www.pharecircus.org in her
mission of supporting Phare Ponleu Selpak school, providing professional
opportunities for Cambodian youth and revitalizing arts in Cambodia.
I was a student at Phare Ponleu Selpak Association in 2001 in my High School Year in Battambang.

I was later an interpreter at Phare and joined the first group of performing artists on
awareness theater/circus performance tours to educate rural Cambodian
populations on landmines, malaria, dengue fever and other public health and
safety issues.

I spent 13 years of my professional careers in travel, tourism, hospitality and events management in Cambodia.  I embarked on the journey on artists career and social programs sustainability in 2013. I have a keen interest in business and personal development and entrepreneurship. My dream is to develop and enhance a strongly reputable and internationally recognized Cambodian brand which Phare already is.

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