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Darism: February 4th 2020

I lived with this principle:

Life Is All About Choices


Michael is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, “If I were any better, I would be twins!”

He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, Michael was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation.

Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up to Michael and asked him, “I don’t get it! You can’t be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?”

Michael replied, “Each morning I wake up and say to myself, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or … you can choose to be in a bad mood. I choose to be in a good mood.”

Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or… I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it.

Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or… I can point out the positive side of life. I choose the positive side of life.

“Yeah, right, it’s not that easy,” I protested.

“Yes, it is,” Michael said.

“Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice. You choose how you react to situations. You choose how people affect your mood. You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood. The bottom line: It’s your choice how you live your life.”

I reflected on what Michael said. Soon hereafter, I left the Tower Industry to start my own business. We lost touch, but I often thought about him when I made a choice about life instead of reacting to it.

Several years later, I heard that Michael was involved in a serious accident, falling some 60 feet from a communications tower. After 18 hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care, Michael was released from the hospital with rods placed in his back. I saw Michael about six months after the accident.

When I asked him how he was, he replied, “If I were any better, I’d be twins. Wanna see my scars?”

I declined to see his wounds, but I did ask him what had gone through his mind as the accident took place.

“The first thing that went through my mind was the well-being of my soon-to-be born daughter,” Michael replied.

“Then, as I lay on the ground, I remembered that I had two choices: I could choose to live or… I could choose to die. I chose to live.”

“Weren’t you scared? Did you lose consciousness?” I asked.

Michael continued, “… the paramedics were great. They kept telling me I was going to be fine. But when they wheeled me into the ER and I saw the expressions on the faces of the doctors and nurses, I got really scared. In their eyes, I read ‘he’s a dead man’. I knew I needed to take action.”

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Well, there was a big burly nurse shouting questions at me,” said Michael.

“She asked if I was allergic to anything.

‘Yes, I replied.’

The doctors and nurses stopped working as they waited for my reply. I took a deep breath and yelled, ‘Gravity’.”

Over their laughter, I told them, “I am choosing to live. Operate on me as if I am alive, not dead!”


Michael lived, thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing attitude. I learned from him that every day we have the choice to live fully. Attitude, after all, is everything. After all, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.


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ការគិតរបស់ខ្ញុំ ថ្ងៃពុធ ៥ កើត ខែមាឃ ឆ្នាំកុរឯកស័ក ពុទ្ធសករាជ ២៥៦៣ត្រូវនឹងថ្ងៃទី២៩ ខែមករា ឆ្នាំ២០២០មករា 29, 2020, Darism Today

Concepts to learn to employ in daily life:

·   Get the “buy-ins” = agreement/support from your lower subordinates

·   Making sure everyone is on the same page, on the same boat

·   Being in control of all the information like in the palm of your hands

·   Do not let things sleep. Do not let things hang. Do what is needed and necessary RIGHT NOW!

·   Always manage expectations- avoid unpleasant surprises. Inform people what to expect in advance. Do not let them find out from other sources that is not from you.

·   Attention to details

·   Do not make e-mail wars. Verbal or in-person conversation gives opportunities to the counterparts to give reactions/feedbacks. Recap by writing what have been discussed, agreed or even agreed to disagree on. Request for addition/edits if something is misunderstood or not missing in the recaps

·   Agree to disagree. Must always have a conclusion.

·   Systematic records and feedbacks. Incidence report, coaching/counseling forms.

·   Use 21st Technology to make our lives easier. Do not do double job.

·   Be a role model. Leadership by example

·   Avoid burn out for yourself and others.

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អ្វីដែលយើងបានរៀនពីមជ្ឈមណ្ឌលដំណើរផ្សងព្រេងនិងសិក្សា ចំបក់ហោះ។What we have learned from Jambok Hoas Adventure and Learning Center

People First, Keep Learning, Keeping Developing:

ការពារ ការស្តារឡើងវិញ និង ផ្តល់ការស្រលាញ់ ជំនួយ និងការគាំទ្រ Protect. Restore. Fund.

In April 2019, Phare arstists and team members went to a learning expedition to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Prasat Sambo Preikuk and spend quality time together for our biggest staff event of the year for team building and learning. We stayed for 2 nights in Preah Vihear Province in Jambok Hoas Adventure Learning Center.

It was a great experience and we really did learn about from both the temple and the activities at the teambuilding learning center. We learn about our roles as Cambodian artists in the society today looking to the past heritage and pride as well as the 5 values at the adventure learning center:

1-) ផ្តោតការយកចិត្តទុកដាក់ សូមសង្កេត ស្តាប់ និងចូលរួមសកម្មភាពរបស់ក្រុមការងារ

Be present, look, listen and participate


I can do it!

3-) ទំនាក់ទំនង ផ្តល់ពត៏មាន ចែករំលែកគ្រប់កាកាលៈទេសៈ


4-) ដំណោះស្រាយដោយភាពច្នៃប្រឌិត! បញ្ហាកាន់តែធំគឺជាឱកាសកាន់តែច្រើនសម្រាប់ការស្វែងរកដំណោះស្រាយប្រកបដោយភាពច្នៃប្រឌិត។ ឧទាហរណ៍យើងចាប់ផ្តើមទស្សនីយភាពហ្វារនៅសៀមរាបដោយគ្មានថវិការ។ យើងរស់រានមានជីវិតហើយជោគជ័យ។ វាជាដំណោះស្រាយច្នៃប្រឌិត។

Creative solutions! The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity for finding creative solutions. ​For example we started Phare in Siem Reap without money. We survive and succeed. It was a creative solution.

5-) យើងគាំទ្រគ្នាទៅវិញទៅមក !

Support each other!

Siem Reap, April 5th, 2019

Personal and Career Development, Thoughts

សៀវភៅដែលខ្ញុំកំពុងអាននិងស្រឡាញ់ The book I am reading and loving

អរគុណលោកគ្រូដែលបានសរសេរនិងចែករំលែក ខ្ញុំចាំជានិច្ចពេលដែលខ្ញុំបានរៀនក្នុងវគ្គសិក្សារបស់លោកសាស្ត្រាចានៅសាកសវិទ្រាល័យកម្ពុជា​។​ Thank you for writing and sharing. I remember my time as your student in the University of Cambodia. You have been an inspiration to me.
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ភាពខ្លាំងផ្ទាល់ខ្លួនក្នុងនាមជាសហគ្រិនPersonal Strength as an entrepreneur


ឈ្មោះរបស់គាត់គឺសិទ្ធត្ថ (ដូចឈ្មោះព្រះពុទ្ធ​)។ គាត់គឺជាសហគ្រិនដ៏ជោគជ័យនៅ​ប្រទេស​ឥណ្ឌា។ គាត់ជាមនុស្សល្អដែលមនុស្សទូទៅនិងបុគ្គលិកចូលចិត្តរាប់អាន។


គាត់បានសរសេរសារមុនសម្លាប់ខ្លួនថា : “ខ្ញុំបានបរាជ័យ។​ ខ្ញុំ សូមអភ័យទោសដែលធ្វើឱ្យអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នាខកបំណង៕”

សូមមេត្តាយកចិត្តទុកដាក់លើសុខភាពផ្លូវចិត្ត។​ មនុស្សខ្លះមើលទៅដូចជារឹងមាំ គាត់ជាអ្នកជួយគេដោះស្រាយបញ្ហាទាំងឡាយ ប៉ុន្តែ គាត់បែរជាគ្មានមនុស្សដែលគាត់អាចចែករំលែលការលំបាក និងប្រឺក្សារកដំណោះស្រាយបញ្ហារបស់គាត់ទៅវិញ។ សូមយកចិត្តទុកដាក់លើខ្លួនឯងនិងមនុស្សដែលយើងស្រឡាញ់៕


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តើយើងជាអ្នកណា? Who are we?

បើមិនដូច្នេះទេ តើយើងជាអ្នកណា តើយើងជាអ្វីអោយពិតប្រាកដ?

Who are we? 
We are the sum of our experiences. 
If not, who are we, what are we really?

Shirley Schmidt: A sexual assault is traumatic.
Carol Cabot: I realize that; of course, I do.
Shirley Schmidt: Well, if you can lessen your daughter’s pain, why wouldn’t you?
Carol Cabot: It works on the brain. For God sakes, the idea that you just take a pill every time something bad
happens . . .
Shirley Schmidt: That’s bad?
Carol Cabot: It’s called life, and you can’t just erase the bad parts.
Shirley Schmidt: Why not?
Carol Cabot: Our best artists are informed by their pain. Our greatest heroes are born out of adversity.
Certainly, if the trauma affects your life, treat it, either behaviorally or with medication. But some miracle
amnesia pill, so you have no memory of bad things—what kind of brave new world are we entering into?

មេធាវី Shirley Schmidt: ការរំលោភបំពានផ្លូវភេទគឺជារឿងអាក្រក់និងគួរអោយតក់ស្លុតខ្លាំងណាស់សម្រាប់ជនរងគ្រោះមែនទេ?
Carol : ចា៎៎ ខ្ញុំដឹង ជាការពិតណាស់ខ្ញុំ ដឹងថាវាគួរអោយតក់ស្លុត។
Shirley Schmidt: ដូច្នេះ ប្រសិនបើអ្នកអាចបន្ថយការឈឺចាប់របស់កូនស្រីរបស់អ្នក ហេតុអ្វីបានជាអ្នកមិនចង់ អោយគាត់លេបថ្នាំបំភ្លេចព្រឹត្តិការណ៏ ដ៏អាក្រក់នោះ អោយអស់?
Carol: វាជាថ្នាំដែលប៉ះពាល់ដល់ខួរក្បាល។ ព្រះអើយ, អ្នកគិតទៅមើល តើយើងគួរតែលេបថ្នាំបំភ្លេចរឿងរាវ រៀងរាល់ពេលដែលរឿងមិនល្អកើតឡើងក្នុងជីវិតយើង មែនទេ?
Shirley Schmidt: តើវាអាក្រក់រឺអ្វី?
Carol : នេះគេហៅថាជីវិត ហើយក្នុងជីវិតអ្នកមិនអាចលុបតែផ្នែកអាក្រក់ចេញបានឡើយ។
Shirley Schmidt: ហេតុអ្វី?
Carol: សិល្បការានី សិល្បករដ៏ល្អបំផុតរបស់យើងត្រូវបានញុំាងទឹកចិត្តដោយបទពិសោធន៏ដ៏ជូរចត់របស់ពួកគេ។ វីរនារី វីរបុរសដ៏អស្ចារ្យបំផុតរបស់យើងកើតចេញពីឧបសគ្គ និងភាពមិនងាយស្រួល។ ជាការពិតប្រសិនបើការប៉ះទង្គិចផ្លូវចិត្តប៉ះពាល់ដល់ជីវិតរបស់យើង​​ ចូរយើងព្យាបាលវាដោយការពិភាក្សារឺ/និងដោយប្រើថ្នាំ។ ប៉ុន្ដែការប្រើប្រាស់ឱសថសំរាប់បំបាត់ការឈឺចាប់ផ្លូវចិត្ត ដើម្បីអោយយើងមិនចងចាំពីរឿងមិនល្អ – តើយើងអាចធ្វើជាមនុស្សរឹងមាំក្លាហាននៅក្នុងពិភពលោកនេះយ៉ាងដូចម្តេចបាន?​

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សេចក្តីស្រឡាញ់ Love










ខ្ញុំបានសម្រេចចិត្តយូរមកហើយមិនត្រូវដើរតាមស្រមោលរបស់អ្នកណាម្មាក់ឡើយប្រសិនបើខ្ញុំបរាជ័យ ប្រសិនបើខ្ញុំទទួលបានជោគជ័យយ៉ាងហោចណាស់ខ្ញុំនឹងរស់នៅដូចដែលខ្ញុំជឿជាក់





Experience, Expression, Feel, Personal and Career Development, Thoughts, wisdom

អំណាចនៃក្តីប្រាថ្នានិងសុបិន្ត The Power of the dream

Deep within each heart
There lies a magic spark
That lights the fire of our imagination
And since the dawn of man
The strength of just “I can”
Has brought together people of all nations

ពន្លឺ ដែលបំភ្លឺ អោយឃើញការស្រមើលស្រមៃរបស់យើង
ថាមពលនៃពាក្យតែពីរម៉ាត់ថា “ខ្ញុំអាច”

There’s nothing ordinary
In the living of each day
There’s a special part
Every one of us will play

ក្នុងខ្សែរជីវិតមួយនេះអ្នកគឺជាតួរឯក និងមនុស្សទាំងឡាយសុទ្ធតែជាតួរដ៍សំខាន់

Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to the power of the dream
As the world gives us its best
To stand apart from all the rest
It is the power of the dream that brings us here

សូមអ្នកទទួលយកអារម្មណ៍ថាមានអណ្ដាតភ្លើងក្នុងបេះដូងអ្នកឆាបឆេះជារៀងរហូត ដែលញុំាងទឹកចិត្តអោយអ្នកពុះពារ

មេរៀន ជីវិតដែលបានកើតឡើង យើងត្រូវតែរៀន

Your mind will take you far
The rest is just pure heart
You’ll find your fate is all your own creation
And every boy and girl
As they come into this world
They bring the gift of hope and inspiration



Feel the flame forever burn
Teaching lessons we must learn
To bring us closer to the power of the dream

The world in lights and hope and peace
We pray that you will always be
It is the power of the dream that brings us here
It is the power of the dream that brings us here

ចូរអ្នកទទួលយកមានអារម្មណ៍ថាមានអណ្ដាតភ្លើងក្នុងបេះដូងអ្នកឆាបឆេះជារៀងរហូត ដែលញុំាងទឹកចិត្តអោយពុះពារ

មេរៀន ជីវិតដែលបានកើតឡើង យើងត្រូវតែរៀន

លោកីយនៅក្នុងពន្លឺ ក្តីសង្ឃឹមនិងសន្តិភាព

There’s so much strength in all of us
Every woman child and man
It’s the moment that you think you can’t
You’ll discover that you can

ពួកយើងម្នាក់ៗមានថាមពលខ្លាំងណាស់នៅក្នុងខ្លួននិងបេះដូងរបស់យើងទាំងអស់គ្នា ទាំងស្ត្រី បុរស និង កុមារ គ្រប់រូប
នៅពេលដែលអ្នកខ្លាចថាអ្នកមិនអាចធ្វើវាបានទៅរួច អ្នកនឹងរកឃើញថា តាមការពិតថាអ្នកពិតជាអាចធ្វើវាបាន


Expression, Personal and Career Development, Things of interests, Thoughts, wisdom

អ្វីដែលជួយខ្ញុំឱ្យបន្តទៀត, What keeps me going

ខ្ញុំមិនដាក់សំរាមនៅក្នុងខួរក្បាលរបស់ខ្ញុំទេ។ ខ្ញុំថែរក្សាខ្លួននិងទឹកចិត្តរបស់ខ្ញុំ ខ្ញុំលើកទឹកចិត្តខ្លួនឯងដើម្បីធ្វើឱ្យបានល្អបំផុតតាមដែលខ្ញុំអាចធ្វើបាន។ ក្រៅពីគ្រួសារ, គ្រូនិងមិត្តភក្តិរបស់ខ្ញុំដែលជួយនិងធ្វើឱ្យខ្ញុំដើរទៅមុខ ​ខ្ញុំអាន ស្តាប់​ មើល​ អ្វី ដែលជួយលើកទឹកចិត្តខ្ញុំ​ ដូចខាងក្រោម។

I don’t put rubbish in my brain. I keep myself motivated to do the best that I can. Besides my family, mentors and friends that keeps me going further, here are the things that I read, watch, listen to.






Expression, Financial Freedom, Personal and Career Development, Resources, Things of interests, Thoughts

ទំនាក់ទំនងរបស់យើងជាមួយលុយគឺទាក់ទងនឹងអារម្មណ៍និងសុខភាពផ្លូវចិត្តរបស់យេីង​ Our relationship with money is an emotional and phsycological one


Live in the truth every single moment in your life.


ទាំងអារម្មណ៍របស់អ្នកទៅលេីលុយ។ ការគិតរបស់អ្នកអំពីលុយ និងរបៀបដែលអ្នកធ្វើសកម្មភាពជាមួយលុយ។

You will never ever be powerful in your life until you are powerful over your money.​How you feel about it. How you think about it and how you act with it.

លុយមិនចេះនិយាយនិងមិនអាចធ្វើអ្វីបានទាំងអស់។ មនុស្សមានអំណាចគ្រប់គ្រងលុយ។

Money alone can not do anything. People control money.

Debt makes you powerless. Get rid of your debt. Stop buying things you can’t afford. Stop spending money you don’t have to impress people don’t even care, know or like.

បំណុលធ្វើអោយអ្នកគ្មានអំនាច។ ចាកចេញពីបំណុលអ្នកអោយបាន។ សូមឈប់ទិញរបស់របរទាំងឡាយដែលអ្នកមិនមានសមត្ថភាពទិញ។ ឈប់ចាយលុយដែលអ្នកឃ្មាន សំរាប់តែអួតដាក់មនុស្ស ដែលអ្នកមិនស្គាល់ មិនយកចិត្ដទុកដាក់ រឺមិនទាំងចូលចិត្តសោះ។

១ ធ្វើអ្វីដែលត្រឹមត្រូវជាជាងអ្វីដែលងាយស្រួល

1. Do What’s Right, Rather Than What’s Easy

Saying you will get serious about saving next year or the year after that is easy. Committing to saving today—and staying true to that goal—is a whole lot harder. But it’s the right thing to do.

២​​​ លុយមិនមានអំណាចខ្លាំងជាងមនុស្សនោះទេ

2. Money Has No Power on Its Own

It is through your decisions and actions that you give money its power. Make your money today work for your tomorrows.

៣ អ្នកសប្បាយរីករាយក្នុងការសន្សំប្រាក់អោយស្មើនឹងការសប្បាយរីករាយរបស់អ្នកក្នុងការចំណាយប្រាក់

3. True Financial Harmony Is Only Achieved When Your Pleasure in Saving Money Is Equal to Your Pleasure in Spending Money

៤ សួរខ្លួនឯងមុននឹងចំណាយប្រាក់: តើនេះជាតម្រូវការឬចង់បាន?

4. Always Ask Yourself Before Spending Money: Is This a Need or a Want?

៥ របៀបដែលអ្នកនិយាយអំពីទ្រព្យសម្បត្តិមានឥទ្ធិពលទៅលេីសកម្មភាពរបស់អ្នក
ការភ័យខ្លាច​ ភាពអាម៉ាស់និងកំហឹងគឺជាឧបសគ្គក្នុងការបង្ករបង្កេីនទ្រព្យសម្បត្តិ។ ផ្លាស់ប្តូរភាសារបស់អ្នកដើម្បីអ្នកនិយាយថា “ខ្ញុំអាច … ខ្ញុំពូកែ … ខ្ញុំ ធ្វើវាបាន… ”

5. How You Talk About Wealth Influences How You Act

Fear, shame, and anger are the three internal obstacles to wealth. Change your language to say “I can … I am … I do …”

៦ បេីអ្នកមានការជឿជាក់ខ្ពស់​ សុចរិតភាព និងភាពក្លាហាន គ្រប់យ៉ាងអ្នកអាចធ្វេីអ្វីអ្វីបានទាំងអស់

6. With Faith, Integrity, and Courage, Anything Is Possible

៧ សំខាន់ជាងគេគឺរូបអ្នកផ្ទាល់ បន្ទាប់មកមនុស្សទាំងឡាយដែលអ្នកស្រលាញ់ បន្ទាប់មកគឺថវិការ បន្ទាប់មករបស់អ្វីផ្សេងៗទៀត

7. People First. Then Money. Then Things

Always, always, always maintain perspective on what matters most.