Dara and his journey in life

Welcome to Dara’s world

“Cultural Leader uses her own cultural background and identity to inspire others to bring up their own ways of experiencing, seeing, thinking, feeling (the world) and expressing to the world.” defined by Dina, Helene, Borin and Dara, Cambodian Living Arts Fellow 2016.

I know now what it means. I am comfortable to call myself a cultural leader and I am practicing this leadership skill in my everyday work and personal life.

I write my random thoughts, things that come to my mind, anything I find interesting to write about specially the ways I feel, express, think and experience the world.

I am thankful to Phare. Everyday at work, it is my privilege to work with these young Cambodians, help them shape their thinking and impacting Cambodia as a whole.

I am also thankful to CLA fellowship program for helping me learn and practice cultural leadership.

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