I Am (We Are)… Moving….!!!!

We live in a comfy and cozy flat in the great location near the Central Market. But well I am a tenant only as I do not own a place in Phnom Penh. I love my current place but my land lady keeps hiking the rental fee yearly. So we decided to move to another place quite far but more spacious and less pricey.

Here is a look of my current place:

My wall decoration

My photos, wedding photos and honeymoon trip photos

My collection of DVDs I watch, I like court room drams

My honey moon trip to Switzerland photos

My 6 year old desktop…. I should buy a laptop by now…. but well.. I am broke so I can’t right now…

A TV set at the living room…

My messily decorative wall… with the motivational quotes that lift me up when I feel down…

And the mirror behind the TV..

My iron board….

The nice in-room decorative curtain… as a wedding gift from one of my best friends…

The pinky kitty and bed covers that my wife loves.. They are also a wedding gift from Ms. Hanh, a good friend and sister in Asiana Airlines, Ho Chi Minh Office.

And my precious belonging.. the book shelf with books and I acquired throughout my time..

And the cosmetic table

Our wardrobe

I’ll show you guys my new place after moving.. Hopefully after putting everything in place… it will look as good as this one here….

Num Banh Chok-Khmer Noodle, Any One?

I have the honor of being a Sous Chef this Sunday helping my Executive Chef to prepare for Num Banh Chok, the Khmer noodle soup. And who would be my Executive Chef?????
Well you’re right. It’s Huy Ling, my lovely spouse and a wonderful but not a so great cook!!! kekeke

Here she is in her tiny kitchen…..

I helped her by pounding the ingredients in this tiny tiny Tbal ( pardon me for my bad English but I don’t know the English word for this and I am lazy checking for it).
This is not a regular size Tbal. This is in fact a miniature souvenir my wife bought at Angkor Wat. Since there only 3 persons in my household, my wife choose to use this one. It is supposed to be a souvenir for God’s sake!

And I helped making the coconut milk….

Yes, I got a good quantity of coconut milk, I am sure the soup will smell and taste very good because of this.

This is how Cambodian Noodle look like. Well, it supposed to be nicely shaped but I kindly shake them a lot so it does look good now. But I am sure it will taste well. hehe

Now it’s ready to be served. As you can see, you need different kind of vegetable to serve with this noodle. Now all you have to do is putting everything together and enjoy!!!

It’s easy. First the veggie, then the noodle and last you pour the Khmer Noodle Soup into the bowl. Oops… did I mention that the soup is made of Pounded fish with Khmer ingredients and coconut milk? The things you see on top is actually fish.

Now let’s have a bite and see how my cooking skills is like…. hmmm.. yummmy!!!!


Before and after….. Work……….

I don’t like to wear the business suite while commuting to work and back. So I usually get changed in the office. Some say that I transform my self before and after work.

Here is my look: Before

And after:

What da ya think of the two looks?



I was int he Meta House last night watching a documentary film on the American war in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. It was very sad to see the killing and boming in action. Some can not resist the tears when watching this film…..

Do you consider the Vietnam war a holocaust perpetrated by the US? VIETNAM AMERICAN HOLOCAUST (2008, 87 min.) – narrated by famous actor Martin Sheen – uses declassified Whitehouse tapes/National Security documents to answer this question. 8.30PM: A FACE OF WAR. Tim Page’s favourite VN doc is ‘one of the most authentic, intimate and remarkable war records ever put on film’ (New York Times)…”


Aerobics… Cambodian style!!!!!!

With increasing number of population in the capital city of Cambodia and the improving standard of living, the citizens of Phnom Penh (the Penh) are developing a very healthy life style. Either it’s very early in the morning or late afternoon and evening the river side and the newly renovated parks are packed with people, old and young alike, streching their mucles, playing batminton, jogging, running and……. dancing!!!!! :)))….

The most intriguing part is that people seem to mix the disco fast dance moves for their aerobics with the Cambodian traditional popular dance music… Ranging from hip hop to disco and to Ram Vong (round dancing) and Lam leav.. there is a piece for everyone……. Well,.. keep your self healthy and learn some new dance moves.. not a bad idea at all….


Broad Cast from Kung Yu-META-HOUSE PHOM PENH

I was in the Meta House Last night to watch a staggering documentary film entitled : Broadcast from Kung Yu: Lost Land, Lost Culture. Filmed, role played, acted, directed, and shooted by the real Jarai indigenous community who have lost their land and most likely their livelyhood, culture and lives to the land grabbing scheme of a rich and powerful person in the Government. I was overwhelmed to see them in persons telling their stories of how they were tricked, threatened, deceived into selling thier land at a chicken-feet price. They will make their case today at CDC during the government-donner meeting.
In 2008 Kong Yu village in Rattanakiri shot, directed and edited the film ‘Land Lost, Culture Lost’ in Jarai language (27 min., with English/Khmer subtitles). Indigenous people tell the story of how they lost farm land to a rubber plantation. The village has had absolute control and ownership of this project, from determining the concept of how to tell the story to deciding who would learn to use a video camera to thinking about who they wanted to show the final video to. Project makers will present at screening/Q&A.”

Khmer New Year in Siem Reap

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!
Wonder where be have been to???? Yeah.. that’s right.. for those you know me.. they already know that I have nowhere to go except my lovely home town, Siem Reap.
It was so cool to meet friends and family again… the weather was unbearably hot though..

Here are something for you to enjoy:

A new game or ….. Sport?????? !!!! Well, whatever it is, it is surely colorful and joyful.

Here is the picture of the thing you have to hit with a small arrow.

The rule is simple, 1 arrow is KHR 1,000 and you have to stand only about 2 meters in distance and throw the arrow to break the balloon, there. 1 successful throw means you take one one high quality galsses or plate. The more you balloon you break the more things you can take home ranging from household utensils, decoratives, cookings oil, syrope, cooking pot, rice cooker… hmm… You want it???? u gotta break’em with your arrow throwing skill.

This is my wife, thinking if she should try it…

Wait.. she’s smiling…. that means she’s going to attempt to break all those freakin’ balloons…
let’s wait and see….

Ready ??? set… go……su su su… sa sa sa………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And even my mum tries it. Yeah… that’s right.. she’s a real sportswoman. Just look at how powerful she throws the arrow. Look out.. you naugty balloons.. Grandma is here to catch ya’ll !!!

She did it.. Yeay…. Yo… She should win a Gold Medal for that … really!!!!!

And she got tired…. My mom in-law and auntie is law were standin’ thinkin’ what they wish to bring home tonight.
And she really got something. It’s a nice water bow with stand. This is perfect for welcome the Angel of New Year tonight.

After lots of throwing, laughing and screaming… we’ve got that bowl (not real silver though).. my auntie-in-law is discussing if we made a profit……………….. Ofcourse we didn’t… we spend almost USD 20.00 but we broke only 10 balloons!!!! I got freakin’ nuts!!!! we’ve gotta practice for next time…. kekeke……………………..

Very happy to break a balloon.

Back to my auntie’s salon, my wife told me about something to make my face look

bright and fresh. I never cared about my look but yeah… why not???? This thing is from Japan

she said…

Little did I know that she would turn me into a Moster!!!!… look at my face….!!! what is that black thing…!!!.It’d better be effective… or I’ll…kill myself…heee heee…. and FYI those are not my hands…. I don’t look too pleased, do I?

Yep… there are many things we did.. we went to the pagoda.. we played traditional games… dinner with friends… and lots of dancing….

Wish you all the best in the year of Holy Cow 2009….. or is it Holy Crap!!!???? .. I am not so sure…. Ciao…