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@ the Meta House Tonight " Land Lost, Culture Lost"

Stop evictions! Former garment factory workers are singing “a-capella” about pressing social issues. THE MESSENGER BAND, Cambodia’s only girls group with a cause, was formed in 2005 by the “Womyn’s Agenda for Change” (WAC). Tonight’s live performance, music videos (featuring the blind Chapei star Kong Nai) and Q&A with the artists is followed by the innovative community video project “LAND LOST CULTURE LOST”. The film tells the story of a land dispute in Ratanakkiri though the eyes of ethnic Jarai villagers from one of Cambodia’s remotest areas. It’s shot by the villagers and screened in the original version with English subtitles.

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Pregnancy makes my wife craves for Pizza!!! What the @!$@#%#$%#?

I heard pregnancy cause people to crave for stuff… weird stuff even… and yes.. food… and sometimes weird kind of food… My wife craves for Pizza now in her early pregnancy. I guess I can not call that weird, can I ?

I brought her to Bistro-Romao the Italian Cuisine at the NagaWorld last week for a fun night out.. and fun we had plus we ate a whole bunch of stuff… here you go:

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My new place … yay…..

I have moved to a new place for several months now… some of my friends say that I live at the edge of the world as my new place is on the way to Phnom Penh International Airport which is quite far away from work….but I gotta tell ya’ll that I love the fresh air and lighting there…

Front view
Rear view
My wall deco.. kekeke
More deco..
My 7 year old buddy…. man.. I gotta get a new laptop to replace u ….
My grad… pic… and the Asiana Airlines clock… hmmm.. it looks cool..

I must admit that I do not live in a modern/well furnished house but I guess as long as you can call it home, everything else is all subjective……

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My wife’s Spaghetti……. anyone?????!!!!

Well she likes it.. and now she cooks it…hmmmm I am skeptical about it… I’ll hold my breath to taste her spaghetti…that she learns the recipe from the Taiwanese TV show… kekeke

Here she is in her cozy kitchen….smiling…kekeke

I helped with the tomatoes…heee… never been a huge fan of tomatoes myself…

Here is the final product… hmmm.. looks yummy.. but wait until I take a bite to give the score for the chef…

Well… she seems very happy.. that means she gets very good comments on her very first spaghetti….. yummy… for my tummy….. wanna try??? any one???

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I’m gonna be a dady.. na na .. na :) :)

16 months after our marriage not to forget our near death accident experience 8 month ago causing broken neck bone to my wife and 4 months of staying in bed… We now have a good thing to hold on to… my wife is able to walk and do her normal household chores and routine and is expecting a baby…. Gosh…. How will I come come up with nice names for my child?…. Suggestions welcomed!!!…..

To relive our memory… here are the pictures of our honeymoon trip……. we had a really good time……………….. wish to travel more… but until then I only have the old photos for ya…

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I Am (We Are)… Moving….!!!!

We live in a comfy and cozy flat in the great location near the Central Market. But well I am a tenant only as I do not own a place in Phnom Penh. I love my current place but my land lady keeps hiking the rental fee yearly. So we decided to move to another place quite far but more spacious and less pricey.

Here is a look of my current place:

My wall decoration

My photos, wedding photos and honeymoon trip photos

My collection of DVDs I watch, I like court room drams

My honey moon trip to Switzerland photos

My 6 year old desktop…. I should buy a laptop by now…. but well.. I am broke so I can’t right now…

A TV set at the living room…

My messily decorative wall… with the motivational quotes that lift me up when I feel down…

And the mirror behind the TV..

My iron board….

The nice in-room decorative curtain… as a wedding gift from one of my best friends…

The pinky kitty and bed covers that my wife loves.. They are also a wedding gift from Ms. Hanh, a good friend and sister in Asiana Airlines, Ho Chi Minh Office.

And my precious belonging.. the book shelf with books and I acquired throughout my time..

And the cosmetic table

Our wardrobe

I’ll show you guys my new place after moving.. Hopefully after putting everything in place… it will look as good as this one here….
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Num Banh Chok-Khmer Noodle, Any One?

I have the honor of being a Sous Chef this Sunday helping my Executive Chef to prepare for Num Banh Chok, the Khmer noodle soup. And who would be my Executive Chef?????
Well you’re right. It’s Huy Ling, my lovely spouse and a wonderful but not a so great cook!!! kekeke

Here she is in her tiny kitchen…..

I helped her by pounding the ingredients in this tiny tiny Tbal ( pardon me for my bad English but I don’t know the English word for this and I am lazy checking for it).
This is not a regular size Tbal. This is in fact a miniature souvenir my wife bought at Angkor Wat. Since there only 3 persons in my household, my wife choose to use this one. It is supposed to be a souvenir for God’s sake!

And I helped making the coconut milk….

Yes, I got a good quantity of coconut milk, I am sure the soup will smell and taste very good because of this.

This is how Cambodian Noodle look like. Well, it supposed to be nicely shaped but I kindly shake them a lot so it does look good now. But I am sure it will taste well. hehe

Now it’s ready to be served. As you can see, you need different kind of vegetable to serve with this noodle. Now all you have to do is putting everything together and enjoy!!!

It’s easy. First the veggie, then the noodle and last you pour the Khmer Noodle Soup into the bowl. Oops… did I mention that the soup is made of Pounded fish with Khmer ingredients and coconut milk? The things you see on top is actually fish.

Now let’s have a bite and see how my cooking skills is like…. hmmm.. yummmy!!!!