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PAMINA DEVI, a Cambodian classical dance drama choreographed by Sophiline Cheam Shapiro and performed by the renowned Khmer Arts Ensemble, turns one eye toward Mozart’s operatic exploration of enlightened change in the aftermath of the American and French Revolutions and another eye toward the choreographer’s own contrary experience with ‘enlightened’ change and revolution. Recorded live at New York’s Joyce Theater (2007, 90 min.); Sophiline Cheam Shapiro will be present at the screening (Q&A).

Things of interests

"Now we strive, not survive" Exhibition at the Meta House

Photograph Exhibition opening
“Daughters” is a local non-governmental organization that provides comprehensive services to female victims of sexual exploitation of any age and nationality who are working in the sex-industry in Cambodia, empowering them with the courage, inner resources and external resources to make life-style changes for their own lives.

Our new exhibition features work by four young women who’ve come from backgrounds of trafficking and sexual exploitation. Now employed at Daughters Center, the women have been given the opportunity to develop their artistic talents and express themselves through art and photography.”