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Celebrate Play, Feast, Party and be Pampered at NagaWorld®

Play, Feast, Party and be Pampered at NagaWorld®
and celebrate 9-9-9

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Sept 2, 2009) – NagaWorld® today unveiled a spectacular lineup of events to celebrate 9 Sept 09, a once-in-1000 year day.

The celebration from 9th to 13th Sept 09 will feature electrifying entertainment, food & beverage, wellness and spa offers, a host of other fun activities and 9-9-9 Grand Lucky Draw that promise exciting experiences for everyone.

Just in time to beat the midweek blues, the 9-9-9 celebration will feature for the first time, an extensive line up of Food & Beverage offerings at $9.99, excellent wellness and spa menus at $19.99 and exciting performances by top Cambodia artistes like Sokun Nisa, Nobaya Rith, Sokun Kagna and Chorn Sovanna Reach alongside with other international acts and traditional Cambodian performances like Milk churning dance and Peacock dance.

“Cambodia has never seen so much entertainment under one roof. The 9-9-9 celebration at NagaWorld will be the ideal location for families, young couples and friends to come and enjoy a great evening of play, dine, party and be pampered under one roof,” said Steve Cheng, Chief Operating Officer, NagaWorld Limited. “As the top entertainment venue in IndoChina region, we strive to create exciting promotions that will appeal to a broad spectrum of guests while reinforcing our position as the choice destination in Cambodia.”

This 9-9-9 Celebration, NagaWorld® will create unforgettable experiences that people of all ages can enjoy. Here is a taste of what visitors can expect during the 9-9-9 Celebration.

Let the Lucky Draw Begins on 9-9-9*

Patrons of the NagaWorld® 9-9-9 Celebrations stand to win up to USD20, 000 in our 9-9-9 Lucky Draw
First First Prize – $9990 Play value + $990 cash
Second Prize – $3990 Play Value + $399 cash
Third Prize – $1990 Play Value + $199 cash
10 sets of consolation prizes- $99 each
* Conditions apply.


Sizzling Concerts (9-10 Sept)
Visitors can expect to be entertained on 9th and 10th by the famous Vietnamese stars and hottest Cambodian top stars by Chorn Sovanna Reach, Sokun Nisa, Nobaya Rith and Sokun Kagna.

Culture Dances (9-13 Sept)
Cultural lovers can reminisce about Angkor era with the traditional Apsara Dance, the royale Peacock Dance and the fast-paced Milk churning dance,

Food and Beverage Offers
(9th and 10th Sept)

In celebration of the 9-9-9 event, NagaWorld® is proud to present the followings:

• Korean Grill – Set lunch and dinner at $9.99 per person
• Bistro Romano – Set lunch and dinner at $9.99 per person
• The Pangea – Buffet dinner at $9.99 per person
• The Pangea – Dim Sum Buffet Lunch at $9.99 per person

Wellness and SPA Offers
(9th and 10th Sept)

The Spa at NagaWorld
In celebration of the 9-9-9 event, The Spa at NagaWorld will offer a promotion of $19.99 on selected treatments. Such as Ancient Khmer Traditional massage, Angkor Coffee scrub, etc. Guests should not miss the opportunity to be one of the first to experience the one of the best wellness treatments at The Spa at NagaWorld.


Celebration 9-9-9 is organized by NagaWorld ®, Ministry of Tourism and Rasmey Hang Meas.


About Nagaworld®

NagaWorld® is the first integrated hotel, entertainment and gaming complex located in the heart of Phnom Penh, capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. NagaWorld® offers modern amenities and facilities with Khmer influences and boosts a 14-storey hotel Wing with over 500 suites and rooms, 8 themed food & beverage outlets and the largest meeting and convention facilities in Cambodia. The world-class 8-storey Entertainment Wing boosts Chinese-themed public gaming halls, exclusive Premium Halls and VIP Halls, modern gaming machines, an international-class spa and wellness center and top quality karaoke music lounge.

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Bistro Romano brings you to different regions in Italy

I admit I have never been to Italy, in fact I have never been to anywhere else in Europe except Switzerland… but I always have the idea of Italy as a beautiful European country…. and plus the food is great…. who can deny a seafood pizza, an extra sauce spaghetti and, a mouth watering pasta and a grilled beef ??? well definitely not me….

The monthly promotions at Bistro Romano started with the city of Venice offering the specialty Venician culinary…. … look out for the up coming promotions that will bring to you different regions of Italy with their respective regional dishes……

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Aerobics… Cambodian style!!!!!!

With increasing number of population in the capital city of Cambodia and the improving standard of living, the citizens of Phnom Penh (the Penh) are developing a very healthy life style. Either it’s very early in the morning or late afternoon and evening the river side and the newly renovated parks are packed with people, old and young alike, streching their mucles, playing batminton, jogging, running and……. dancing!!!!! :)))….

The most intriguing part is that people seem to mix the disco fast dance moves for their aerobics with the Cambodian traditional popular dance music… Ranging from hip hop to disco and to Ram Vong (round dancing) and Lam leav.. there is a piece for everyone……. Well,.. keep your self healthy and learn some new dance moves.. not a bad idea at all….

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The NagaWorld a new place to promenade?

There seems to be hundreds of local Cambodians and Asian tourists coming into the NagaWorld lobby from 6h00pm onward everyday. People just come to take a look, walk around, take picture, listen to the romantic violin music played on the first floor or just to see the NagaWorld by their own eyes. It’s kinda too crouded though. Look at the picture and see what I mean. Well, events coming up is the King Birthday Concert and Fashion Extravaganza on May 16. Free entrace, so bring your friends and family along!!!!!

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Broad Cast from Kung Yu-META-HOUSE PHOM PENH

I was in the Meta House Last night to watch a staggering documentary film entitled : Broadcast from Kung Yu: Lost Land, Lost Culture. Filmed, role played, acted, directed, and shooted by the real Jarai indigenous community who have lost their land and most likely their livelyhood, culture and lives to the land grabbing scheme of a rich and powerful person in the Government. I was overwhelmed to see them in persons telling their stories of how they were tricked, threatened, deceived into selling thier land at a chicken-feet price. They will make their case today at CDC during the government-donner meeting.
In 2008 Kong Yu village in Rattanakiri shot, directed and edited the film ‘Land Lost, Culture Lost’ in Jarai language (27 min., with English/Khmer subtitles). Indigenous people tell the story of how they lost farm land to a rubber plantation. The village has had absolute control and ownership of this project, from determining the concept of how to tell the story to deciding who would learn to use a video camera to thinking about who they wanted to show the final video to. Project makers will present at screening/Q&A.”
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Khmer New Year in Siem Reap

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!
Wonder where be have been to???? Yeah.. that’s right.. for those you know me.. they already know that I have nowhere to go except my lovely home town, Siem Reap.
It was so cool to meet friends and family again… the weather was unbearably hot though..

Here are something for you to enjoy:

A new game or ….. Sport?????? !!!! Well, whatever it is, it is surely colorful and joyful.

Here is the picture of the thing you have to hit with a small arrow.

The rule is simple, 1 arrow is KHR 1,000 and you have to stand only about 2 meters in distance and throw the arrow to break the balloon, there. 1 successful throw means you take one one high quality galsses or plate. The more you balloon you break the more things you can take home ranging from household utensils, decoratives, cookings oil, syrope, cooking pot, rice cooker… hmm… You want it???? u gotta break’em with your arrow throwing skill.

This is my wife, thinking if she should try it…

Wait.. she’s smiling…. that means she’s going to attempt to break all those freakin’ balloons…
let’s wait and see….

Ready ??? set… go……su su su… sa sa sa………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And even my mum tries it. Yeah… that’s right.. she’s a real sportswoman. Just look at how powerful she throws the arrow. Look out.. you naugty balloons.. Grandma is here to catch ya’ll !!!

She did it.. Yeay…. Yo… She should win a Gold Medal for that … really!!!!!

And she got tired…. My mom in-law and auntie is law were standin’ thinkin’ what they wish to bring home tonight.
And she really got something. It’s a nice water bow with stand. This is perfect for welcome the Angel of New Year tonight.

After lots of throwing, laughing and screaming… we’ve got that bowl (not real silver though).. my auntie-in-law is discussing if we made a profit……………….. Ofcourse we didn’t… we spend almost USD 20.00 but we broke only 10 balloons!!!! I got freakin’ nuts!!!! we’ve gotta practice for next time…. kekeke……………………..

Very happy to break a balloon.

Back to my auntie’s salon, my wife told me about something to make my face look

bright and fresh. I never cared about my look but yeah… why not???? This thing is from Japan

she said…

Little did I know that she would turn me into a Moster!!!!… look at my face….!!! what is that black thing…!!!.It’d better be effective… or I’ll…kill myself…heee heee…. and FYI those are not my hands…. I don’t look too pleased, do I?

Yep… there are many things we did.. we went to the pagoda.. we played traditional games… dinner with friends… and lots of dancing….

Wish you all the best in the year of Holy Cow 2009….. or is it Holy Crap!!!???? .. I am not so sure…. Ciao…

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Introducing the NagaWorld Hotel, A new 5 star property in town

Greetings from Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

It is my pleasure to introduce a newest addition to the 5 star properties to the Capital City of Phnom Penh. Apart from the Intercontinental and the Raffles Le Royal, business and leisure travelors now have another choice with the NagaWorld hotel with the great view of the park, city and river.

As a five star hotel and entertainment complex, hotel guests will enjoy a wide variety of facilities and services such as:
Free wired in-room internet access.

7 Restaurants:

The Korean Grill Korean BBQ restaurant
Bistro Romano Italian Cuisine
The Noble house Chinese restaurant
The Chopstick Noodle house
Muchilinda Lobby Lounge

Darlin, Darlin Club Lounge (Soon to be opened)
The Aristocrat Wine and Cigar Bar (Soon to be opened)
Le Gourmet the French Restaurant (Soon to be opened)
The Peangea Fusion Restaurant (Soon to be opened)

1 all suite spa with 22 private spa rooms
1 KTV with 25 smal and big KTV rooms
1 swimming pool and one gym (under construction)

The International convention facilities with the grand ball room capacity of 1,600 paxs in theater style.

Here are some pictures for your view:

Complimentrary Wired Internet Access. LCD TV 36″screen in all room categories.

Deluxe and refreshing feeling room accommodation.

An all individual suite spa featuring full spa facilities. A Karoke for your enjoyment.

An Italian RestaurantThe Grand Ballroom

The Korean Restaurant