Cultural Leadership, Experience, Feel, Personal and Career Development, wisdom

ការគិតរបស់ខ្ញុំ ថ្ងៃពុធ ៥ កើត ខែមាឃ ឆ្នាំកុរឯកស័ក ពុទ្ធសករាជ ២៥៦៣ត្រូវនឹងថ្ងៃទី២៩ ខែមករា ឆ្នាំ២០២០មករា 29, 2020, Darism Today

Concepts to learn to employ in daily life:

·   Get the “buy-ins” = agreement/support from your lower subordinates

·   Making sure everyone is on the same page, on the same boat

·   Being in control of all the information like in the palm of your hands

·   Do not let things sleep. Do not let things hang. Do what is needed and necessary RIGHT NOW!

·   Always manage expectations- avoid unpleasant surprises. Inform people what to expect in advance. Do not let them find out from other sources that is not from you.

·   Attention to details

·   Do not make e-mail wars. Verbal or in-person conversation gives opportunities to the counterparts to give reactions/feedbacks. Recap by writing what have been discussed, agreed or even agreed to disagree on. Request for addition/edits if something is misunderstood or not missing in the recaps

·   Agree to disagree. Must always have a conclusion.

·   Systematic records and feedbacks. Incidence report, coaching/counseling forms.

·   Use 21st Technology to make our lives easier. Do not do double job.

·   Be a role model. Leadership by example

·   Avoid burn out for yourself and others.

Experience, Expression, Feel, Places & things of interests, wisdom

ការគិតរបស់ខ្ញំុថ្ងៃនេះ ថ្ងៃ ១៣ រោច ខែផល្គុន ព.ស.២៥៦៣ ឆ្នាំកុរ ឯកស័ក ត្រូវ​នឹង ថ្ងៃ អង្គារ ទី ២ ខែ មេសា ឆ្នាំ ២០១៩ Daraism on January 21st, 2020

សូមស្វាគមន៍មកបញ្ចេញការគិតលើកទីមួយរបស់ខ្ញុំនៅក្នុង គ ស ឆ្នាំ ២០២០

ខ្ញុំសូមចែករំលែកអត្ថបទជាភាសាអង់គ្លេសខាងក្រោមដែល បង្ហាញថា មនុស្សគ្រប់គ្នាទាំងអស់សុទ្ធតែជាអ្នកលក់ដ៏មានប្រសិទ្ធភាព ជូនសហគ្រាសរបស់យើង មិនមែនគ្រាន់តែជាតួនាទីប្រធាន រឺផ្នែកលក់ រឺផ្នែកផ្សព្វផ្សាយទីផ្សារនុះទេ។ យើងជាទូត ជាអ្នកនាំសារដ៏សំខាន់របស់សហគ្រាសយើង។ បើយើងទាំងអស់គ្នាមិនមែនជាអ្នកនិយាយល្អ ពីក្រុមហ៑ុនខ្លួន និងជាអ្នកនាំសារទៅកាន់អ្នកដ៏ទៃ ឪទិញផលិតផល សេវាកម្មរបស់ក្រុមហ៊ុនរបស់យើងទេ តើអ្នករំពឹងថាអ្នកណាដែលអាចធ្វើបានល្អជាងអ្នក? តើអ្នកនឹងទទួលបានប្រាក់បៀវត្សន៍ ប្រចាំខែមកពីណា? សូមគិតថាការលក់ ការនិយាយល្អ ពីសហគ្រាសរបស់អ្នកទៅកាន់មនុស្សជាវិញខ្លួន តួនាទីសំខាន់របស់យើងគ្រប់ៗគ្នា។​


A great point to share with you. We are and must be our organisations’ best sales reps and ambassadors. If not, who is?

Cultural Leadership, Experience, Expression, wisdom

ការរំលឹកអំពីការនាំសារវិជ្ជមាននៃរូបភាពនិងវប្បធម៌កម្ពុជា ព.ស.២៥៦៣ ឆ្នាំកុរ ឯកស័ក ត្រូវ​នឹង គ.ស ឆ្នាំ ២០១៩ Phare international tours, a year in review of 2019


គោរព ស្រលាញ់​​ ថែទាំ ករសាង សាមគ្គី ​ Respect, Love, Protect, Build, Solidarity

So Phare so good! 

On a very fine day of May 2019, I was standing starstruk in front of The Paramount Theater in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. This is Phare’s Third USA Tours after “Khmer Metal” in 2015 and “Khmer Village in 2016”. The Paramount Theater stands tall and proud in the middle of the city center. Images of the now long-lost iconic arts venues in my native Cambodia in the golden years of the 50s and 60s came flashing in my vision. My wishful thinking was that we would bring them back to their glory. I stared at the entrance of this magnificent theater for a good 5 minutes. 

A big poster in front of the theater reads: 


Come see 

The World on stage

Artists from: 


UK                     POLAND USA       RUSSIA 

I smiled from ear to ear to see my beloved, once one of the oldest civilizations, now-a small, war-torn, traumatized yet culturally rich nation, was standing equally on the same stage with some of the world’s most advanced nations. This is all thanks to our ancestors for leaving us with heritages, Identity and traditions of Cambodian arts and culture.

យើងកំពុងឈរដោយមោទនភាពនិងស្មើភាពគ្នានៅលើឆាកអន្តរជាតិ ដោយសារសិល្បៈនិងវប្បធម៌របស់យើង។

Thanks to our artists, cultural ambassadors and countless local and international partners, we are helping shape the image of our country to the outside world in a positive light. 

យើងកំពុងឈរដោយមោទនភាពនិងស្មើភាពគ្នានៅលើឆាក អន្តរជាតិ ដោយសារសិល្បៈនិងវប្បធម៌របស់យើង។

This thought brought me to an encounter I had with a Canadian researcher that I recently met thanks to the introduction by our good friend and partner, Cambodian Living Arts. When being posed with a question: “What Cirque du Soleil means to you and other Canadians?” His eyes sparkled, he answered with a smile that: “Cirque du Soleil is our Celine Dion. They are both our Canadian pride.” Hist enthusiastic response transferred the energy to me and made me returned to him with a big smile. In the back of my head I was saying to myself: “I know that Cambodian culture and Phare artists are also my Cambodian pride, the same way he felt about Cirque du Soleil. I know that this is our competitive advantage to help us be relevant and present in global conversations.” 

I then set myself on a mission to document a year in review of 2019 of Phare’s international tours to look at what Phare artists did that touched lives and hearts of hundreds of people in Cambodia and around the world. I wanted to look at where and how our cultural ambassadors are making people see us as an energetic, dynamic, youthful, peaceful and hopeful people of a nation that are reviving and revitalizing our rich cultural heritages. 

In addition to more than 400 performances per year in Siem Reap’s Phare Circus iconic red bigtop and students’ performances in the school campus of Phare Ponleu Selpak in Battambang city, our artists also performed for Cambodians and audiences from around the world in private events in temples, in 5 stars hotels and at some of the most beautiful settings including, Song Saa Private Island, Sofitel Angkor  Phokeethra, Phum Baitang Resort, Amansara Resort and Park Hyatt, just to name a few. 

Where did Phare artists bring smiles to people’s faces this year?  

We started the year with a Bang! Our newest production “White Gold” had her European Premiere with Biennale des Arts de Cirque in Marseillesin February, before continuing to FOR SUR MER – THEATRE DE FOS. We finished off the tours with TRITH SAINT LEGER.

May was a busy touring month, “Sokha” went to Ansan Street Arts Festival and continued on to  ASEAN Culture House in Busan and Suwon Theater Festival in The Republic of Korea. 

Meanwhile “See You Yesterday” had her USA Premiere Tours in ArtsEmersons in Boston thanks to Global Arts Corps. 

We are in May still, a shorter version of “Eclipse” & “Same Same But Different” performed at the Flipside festival at the Esplanade Theaters by the bay in Singapore. 

It was a treat for our Aussie friends, “Eclipse” was presented in Darwin Arts Festival in Australia in August. 

Our friends in Korea loved “Sokha” so much that they have invited again the performance to Gwangju Fringe Festival in October of this year. 

With the success in Marseilles, “White Gold” is set to tours French National Theaters for nearly 2 months in many cities in winter next year. Watch out this space for announcements of cities and tour dates. 

It has been a year full of memories and contributions by artists and partners who help make Siem Reap a destination visitors must stay longer to explore food, arts, culture, authentic experiences with our “Come for Angkor Wat but #StayLongerFor……” campaign. 

Are you planning for a perfect holiday? 

Come for UNESCO World Heritage for Humanity, Angkor Wat, Stay longer for Food, arts, culture and authentic Cambodian experiences. 

Thanks for helping Phare inspire with amazing vibe and energy and transforming the lives of Cambodian Youth. 

Experience, Expression, wisdom

តើអ្នកជាអ្នកណា ជាអ្វី? Who are you?


តើអ្នកសប្បាយនិងរីករាយលើខ្លួនឯង និងមនុស្សជុំវិញខ្លួន ដែលអ្នករាប់អានទេ?


តើអ្នកជានរណា? អ្នកមានលក្ខណៈអ្វីខ្លះ? តើអ្នកកំពុងប្រើលក្ខណៈទាំងនោះជាប្រយោជន៍ប្រសើជូនខ្លួនអ្នកទេ?
តើអ្នកបានសាកល្បងធ្វើខ្លួនអ្នកជាសិល្បៈដ៏អស្ចារ្យមួយទេ? អ្នកគួរតែសាកល្បងមើល … វា សប្បាយណាស់ ពេលដែលយើងធ្វើវា។

Experience, Expression

អ្វីដែលខ្ញុំស្រឡាញ់អំពីប្រទេសស្វីស What I love about Switzerland

ខ្ញុំទទួលស្គាល់ថាខ្ញុំមិនបានដឹងព័ត៌មានលម្អិតអំពីប្រទេសនេះទេប៉ុន្តែខ្ញុំមានសំណាងបានទៅលេងបងស្រីខ្ញុំនិងគ្រួសាររបស់គាត់នៅទីនោះជិត ១០ ដង។ នេះជាអ្វីដែលធ្វើអោយខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់ប្រទេសនេះជាខ្លាំង:

I do not know Switzerland enough but I have been fortunute to have visited the country nearly 10 times to see my sister and her family and build some maazing friendship there. These are what make me love this country and the people:

១-) បឹងបួរដ៏ធំៗជាច្រើន The lakes. The big beautiful lakes.

២-) ផ្ទះម៉ូតបូរាណ The houses in traditional achetechtures

៣-) ភ្នំដ៏ធំៗនិងស្អាត the mountains

៤-) ប្រជាធិប្បតេយ្យដោយផ្ទាល់ Direct Democracy

៥-) ប្រព័ន្ធហ្វឹកហាត់ការងារដ៏មានប្រសិទ្ធិភាពសម្រាប់យុវជន យុវនារីនៅវិទ្យាល័យ The Swiss Vocational and Professional Educatiobn & Training sysm

៦-)ជីវិតមនុស្សមានតម្លៃ the sanctity of human lives

Cultural Leadership, Experience, Expression, Places & things of interests

ខ្ញំុបានរៀន​ ទទួលយក និងរីករាយជាមួយ មហោស្រព សិល្ប: ទីក្រុងស្អាត នៅខេត្តបាត់ដំបង ២០១៩ I have participated and learned in the S’Art Urban Art Festival 2019

រៀបចំដោយសមាគមហ្វារពន្លឺសិល្ប: ជាមួយគារគាំទ្រពីអញ្ញាធរដែនដីនិងដៃគូជាច្រើនរួមទាំងសហគ្រាសសង្គមហ្វារផងដែរ
ប្អូនស្រី មុនីសុវណ្ណយ៉ា បានបង្ហាញសារ ដ៏សំខាន់មួយក្នុងសង្គមរបស់យើងបច្ចុប្បន្ន
លោកគ្រូ គឹម យានបានបញ្ចេញភាពច្នៃប្រឌិត រចនាម៉ូតសម្លៀកបំពាក់ចេញពីសំរាម
ឥន្ទ្រា រីករាយជាមួយលោកគ្រូនិងអត្តសញ្ញាណវវប្បធម៌ របស់គាត់

ស្នាដៃសិល្ប​:លើជញ្ជាំងសាធាណ: ក្នុងចំណោមស្នាដៃជាច្រើនទៀត សូមអរគុណលោកគ្រូ សុនរិន
Experience, Expression, Feel, wisdom

សន្តិភាព Peace

 Four Noble Truths: ចតុរារិយសច្ចៈ

1/ Suffering: ទុក្ខអរិយសច្ចៈ

2/ The cause of Suffering: ទុក្ខសមុទយអរិយសច្ចៈ

3/ The cessation of Suffering: ទុក្ខនិរោធអរិយសច្ចៈ

4/ The path that lead to the cessation of Suffering: ទុក្ខនិរោធគាមិនីបដិបទាអរិយសច្ចៈ

Noble Eightfold Path: អរិយដ្ឋង្គិកមគ្គៈ

1/ Right view(Right understanding): សម្មាទិដ្ឋិ

2/ Right thought: សម្មាសង្កប្បោ

3/ Right action: សម្មាកម្មន្តោ

4/ Right speech: សម្មាវាចា

5/ Right livelihood: សម្មាអាជីវោ

6/ Right effort: សម្មាវាយាមោ

7/ Right mindfulness: សម្មាសតិ

8/ Right concentration: សម្មាសមាធិ

Experience, Expression, Feel, Personal and Career Development, wisdom

តើយើងជាអ្នកណា? Who are we?

បើមិនដូច្នេះទេ តើយើងជាអ្នកណា តើយើងជាអ្វីអោយពិតប្រាកដ?

Who are we? 
We are the sum of our experiences. 
If not, who are we, what are we really?

Shirley Schmidt: A sexual assault is traumatic.
Carol Cabot: I realize that; of course, I do.
Shirley Schmidt: Well, if you can lessen your daughter’s pain, why wouldn’t you?
Carol Cabot: It works on the brain. For God sakes, the idea that you just take a pill every time something bad
happens . . .
Shirley Schmidt: That’s bad?
Carol Cabot: It’s called life, and you can’t just erase the bad parts.
Shirley Schmidt: Why not?
Carol Cabot: Our best artists are informed by their pain. Our greatest heroes are born out of adversity.
Certainly, if the trauma affects your life, treat it, either behaviorally or with medication. But some miracle
amnesia pill, so you have no memory of bad things—what kind of brave new world are we entering into?

មេធាវី Shirley Schmidt: ការរំលោភបំពានផ្លូវភេទគឺជារឿងអាក្រក់និងគួរអោយតក់ស្លុតខ្លាំងណាស់សម្រាប់ជនរងគ្រោះមែនទេ?
Carol : ចា៎៎ ខ្ញុំដឹង ជាការពិតណាស់ខ្ញុំ ដឹងថាវាគួរអោយតក់ស្លុត។
Shirley Schmidt: ដូច្នេះ ប្រសិនបើអ្នកអាចបន្ថយការឈឺចាប់របស់កូនស្រីរបស់អ្នក ហេតុអ្វីបានជាអ្នកមិនចង់ អោយគាត់លេបថ្នាំបំភ្លេចព្រឹត្តិការណ៏ ដ៏អាក្រក់នោះ អោយអស់?
Carol: វាជាថ្នាំដែលប៉ះពាល់ដល់ខួរក្បាល។ ព្រះអើយ, អ្នកគិតទៅមើល តើយើងគួរតែលេបថ្នាំបំភ្លេចរឿងរាវ រៀងរាល់ពេលដែលរឿងមិនល្អកើតឡើងក្នុងជីវិតយើង មែនទេ?
Shirley Schmidt: តើវាអាក្រក់រឺអ្វី?
Carol : នេះគេហៅថាជីវិត ហើយក្នុងជីវិតអ្នកមិនអាចលុបតែផ្នែកអាក្រក់ចេញបានឡើយ។
Shirley Schmidt: ហេតុអ្វី?
Carol: សិល្បការានី សិល្បករដ៏ល្អបំផុតរបស់យើងត្រូវបានញុំាងទឹកចិត្តដោយបទពិសោធន៏ដ៏ជូរចត់របស់ពួកគេ។ វីរនារី វីរបុរសដ៏អស្ចារ្យបំផុតរបស់យើងកើតចេញពីឧបសគ្គ និងភាពមិនងាយស្រួល។ ជាការពិតប្រសិនបើការប៉ះទង្គិចផ្លូវចិត្តប៉ះពាល់ដល់ជីវិតរបស់យើង​​ ចូរយើងព្យាបាលវាដោយការពិភាក្សារឺ/និងដោយប្រើថ្នាំ។ ប៉ុន្ដែការប្រើប្រាស់ឱសថសំរាប់បំបាត់ការឈឺចាប់ផ្លូវចិត្ត ដើម្បីអោយយើងមិនចងចាំពីរឿងមិនល្អ – តើយើងអាចធ្វើជាមនុស្សរឹងមាំក្លាហាននៅក្នុងពិភពលោកនេះយ៉ាងដូចម្តេចបាន?​