Expression, Feel

តើគេសំដៅលើអ្វី? ហើយអ្នកយល់ស្របរឺទេថានេះពិតជានិងគួរជាមតនភាពជាតិ កម្ពុជា? Pride of Cambodia. Is it? Really?



If this is really the pride of Cambodia then we really have a big problem in identifying who we are as a nation.

This is a tag line in adverts by beer companies in Cambodia. Essentially it’s telling us that to be Cambodian you must drink, heavily if not 1-) You don’t deserve to be a man 2-) Worst you don’t deserve to be a Cambodian.

I do not oppose drinking per se but I do oppose this kind of advertisement that fool the young Cambodians in their personal identity as being heavy dreaker, proud Cambodians must be heavy drinkers. There goes the problems of traffic accident caused by druk driving we witness on the streets in this country everyday.

We have to wake up and reject this idea that to be Cambodians, to be a man, we must drink, if we are drunk we must still drive otherwise we are deemed as week, or girly, or inferrior. That is not right!!!


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