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កំណត់ត្រាផ្ទាល់ខ្លួនរបស់ខ្ញុំ, Notes to Myself


I write these to continue to remind myself in difficult times, when life tests me on my strength and my integrity

My Dear Dara,

No matter what you do, you must be able to look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are happy with what you did. You have done the best that you could. You live by the principles and the standard you have set yourself upon. You must smile at the person you see in the mirror everynight and say: You did well! You are happy with yourself.

Stay hungry = Always be curious to learn more and achieve more

Stay foolish = Dare to make unconventional decisions.

Stay grounded = Stay true to who you are

Don’t be a child. Stay near people you care about.

Take the high road, swallow your pride for the right things.

Swallow my pride. It is not about what I think. It is about what I make people feel and think.  Be the grown man in the room.

Don’t let things sleep, take necessary actions now!

Leadership by example.  Action speaks louder than words.

Good things bad things, come and go, go and come. The key is to learn from every experience and to learn to enjoy every single minute of life.



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