Me my wife and … the webcam… kekeke


1 thought on “Me my wife and … the webcam… kekeke”

  1. Hello. I am Chea Lyda, a senior-undergraduate student at the Department of Media and Communication, Royal University of Phnom Penh. I am now conducting a research study on Cambodian bloggers, either residing in Cambodia or abroad, their experiences and behaviors in using blog.

    Below is the link of an online questionnaire, please kindly fill in the survey which takes around 3 minutes. I would deeply appreciate your honest response. Please be confirmed that the information you give will be kept confidential and anonymous and will be used for academic purpose ONLY.
    Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/cambodianbloggersandexperiences

    Should you have any doubt, please feel free to ask me either through 012 381 571, or via lyda_tva@yahoo.com
    Faithfully yours,


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