Num Banh Chok-Khmer Noodle, Any One?

I have the honor of being a Sous Chef this Sunday helping my Executive Chef to prepare for Num Banh Chok, the Khmer noodle soup. And who would be my Executive Chef?????
Well you’re right. It’s Huy Ling, my lovely spouse and a wonderful but not a so great cook!!! kekeke

Here she is in her tiny kitchen…..

I helped her by pounding the ingredients in this tiny tiny Tbal ( pardon me for my bad English but I don’t know the English word for this and I am lazy checking for it).
This is not a regular size Tbal. This is in fact a miniature souvenir my wife bought at Angkor Wat. Since there only 3 persons in my household, my wife choose to use this one. It is supposed to be a souvenir for God’s sake!

And I helped making the coconut milk….

Yes, I got a good quantity of coconut milk, I am sure the soup will smell and taste very good because of this.

This is how Cambodian Noodle look like. Well, it supposed to be nicely shaped but I kindly shake them a lot so it does look good now. But I am sure it will taste well. hehe

Now it’s ready to be served. As you can see, you need different kind of vegetable to serve with this noodle. Now all you have to do is putting everything together and enjoy!!!

It’s easy. First the veggie, then the noodle and last you pour the Khmer Noodle Soup into the bowl. Oops… did I mention that the soup is made of Pounded fish with Khmer ingredients and coconut milk? The things you see on top is actually fish.

Now let’s have a bite and see how my cooking skills is like…. hmmm.. yummmy!!!!

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