I Am (We Are)… Moving….!!!!

We live in a comfy and cozy flat in the great location near the Central Market. But well I am a tenant only as I do not own a place in Phnom Penh. I love my current place but my land lady keeps hiking the rental fee yearly. So we decided to move to another place quite far but more spacious and less pricey.

Here is a look of my current place:

My wall decoration

My photos, wedding photos and honeymoon trip photos

My collection of DVDs I watch, I like court room drams

My honey moon trip to Switzerland photos

My 6 year old desktop…. I should buy a laptop by now…. but well.. I am broke so I can’t right now…

A TV set at the living room…

My messily decorative wall… with the motivational quotes that lift me up when I feel down…

And the mirror behind the TV..

My iron board….

The nice in-room decorative curtain… as a wedding gift from one of my best friends…

The pinky kitty and bed covers that my wife loves.. They are also a wedding gift from Ms. Hanh, a good friend and sister in Asiana Airlines, Ho Chi Minh Office.

And my precious belonging.. the book shelf with books and I acquired throughout my time..

And the cosmetic table

Our wardrobe

I’ll show you guys my new place after moving.. Hopefully after putting everything in place… it will look as good as this one here….

2 thoughts on “I Am (We Are)… Moving….!!!!”

  1. really nice guide, you are! not only awesome in guide us about Nagaworld but also brilliant in guiding us to your new house… 🙂
    fantastic, brother!

    All the best wishes to you and your lovely wife 🙂

    Best regards,


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