Broad Cast from Kung Yu-META-HOUSE PHOM PENH

I was in the Meta House Last night to watch a staggering documentary film entitled : Broadcast from Kung Yu: Lost Land, Lost Culture. Filmed, role played, acted, directed, and shooted by the real Jarai indigenous community who have lost their land and most likely their livelyhood, culture and lives to the land grabbing scheme of a rich and powerful person in the Government. I was overwhelmed to see them in persons telling their stories of how they were tricked, threatened, deceived into selling thier land at a chicken-feet price. They will make their case today at CDC during the government-donner meeting.
In 2008 Kong Yu village in Rattanakiri shot, directed and edited the film ‘Land Lost, Culture Lost’ in Jarai language (27 min., with English/Khmer subtitles). Indigenous people tell the story of how they lost farm land to a rubber plantation. The village has had absolute control and ownership of this project, from determining the concept of how to tell the story to deciding who would learn to use a video camera to thinking about who they wanted to show the final video to. Project makers will present at screening/Q&A.”

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