Khmer New Year in Siem Reap

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!
Wonder where be have been to???? Yeah.. that’s right.. for those you know me.. they already know that I have nowhere to go except my lovely home town, Siem Reap.
It was so cool to meet friends and family again… the weather was unbearably hot though..

Here are something for you to enjoy:

A new game or ….. Sport?????? !!!! Well, whatever it is, it is surely colorful and joyful.

Here is the picture of the thing you have to hit with a small arrow.

The rule is simple, 1 arrow is KHR 1,000 and you have to stand only about 2 meters in distance and throw the arrow to break the balloon, there. 1 successful throw means you take one one high quality galsses or plate. The more you balloon you break the more things you can take home ranging from household utensils, decoratives, cookings oil, syrope, cooking pot, rice cooker… hmm… You want it???? u gotta break’em with your arrow throwing skill.

This is my wife, thinking if she should try it…

Wait.. she’s smiling…. that means she’s going to attempt to break all those freakin’ balloons…
let’s wait and see….

Ready ??? set… go……su su su… sa sa sa………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And even my mum tries it. Yeah… that’s right.. she’s a real sportswoman. Just look at how powerful she throws the arrow. Look out.. you naugty balloons.. Grandma is here to catch ya’ll !!!

She did it.. Yeay…. Yo… She should win a Gold Medal for that … really!!!!!

And she got tired…. My mom in-law and auntie is law were standin’ thinkin’ what they wish to bring home tonight.
And she really got something. It’s a nice water bow with stand. This is perfect for welcome the Angel of New Year tonight.

After lots of throwing, laughing and screaming… we’ve got that bowl (not real silver though).. my auntie-in-law is discussing if we made a profit……………….. Ofcourse we didn’t… we spend almost USD 20.00 but we broke only 10 balloons!!!! I got freakin’ nuts!!!! we’ve gotta practice for next time…. kekeke……………………..

Very happy to break a balloon.

Back to my auntie’s salon, my wife told me about something to make my face look

bright and fresh. I never cared about my look but yeah… why not???? This thing is from Japan

she said…

Little did I know that she would turn me into a Moster!!!!… look at my face….!!! what is that black thing…!!!.It’d better be effective… or I’ll…kill myself…heee heee…. and FYI those are not my hands…. I don’t look too pleased, do I?

Yep… there are many things we did.. we went to the pagoda.. we played traditional games… dinner with friends… and lots of dancing….

Wish you all the best in the year of Holy Cow 2009….. or is it Holy Crap!!!???? .. I am not so sure…. Ciao…

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