5 Ways to Shine at Work

5 Ways to Shine at Work
At work, you want to be noticed for all the right reasons. The most effective way to do this is to bring a positive attitude with you to work. Every day, you have the opportunity to show your employer that hiring you was a great decision!
Here are some ideas that will help you to succeed at work and to attract some positive attention while you’re doing it.

Be reliable and dependable
Come to work on time. Call in well ahead of time if you must be absent. Try to be absent as little as possible.
Do what you say you’ll do. Complete your tasks on time.
Stay organized and keep your work area tidy. This lets your supervisor know that you’re in control of what you’re doing.
Do your best. Check the quality of your own work.

Be proactive
Learn all you can about the organization and what you can contribute. When you’ve got a clear picture of your role, think about how you could show some initiative. What could you do without being asked?
See what needs to be done and do it. Just make sure you’re not stepping on someone else’s toes.
Take responsibility for what you do.
Learn how to do a task if you don’t know how.
Learn a skill that will help you stand out. For example, become the person everyone goes to when they need something proofread. Or when they need help with their computer program. Or…?

Be a team player
The phrase “That’s not in my job description” doesn’t contribute to a team environment. These days, you work on the task that needs to be done.
If you’re asked to help a co-worker on a project, jump at the chance. You’ll learn something new and gain a reputation as a helpful employee, too.
Be willing to share information.
Support and encourage your co-workers.

Be flexible and adaptable
Be aware that you can’t control everything.
Be ready and willing to compromise.
Be prepared for the unexpected.
Keep on learning! It will help you handle change.

Ask for help
Ask for help when you need it. Recognizing your limits is a sign of personal strength and maturity.
If you don’t know, ask. Not only will you find out what you need to know, you’ll also show that you’re willing to learn.
Working is all about getting the job done, of course. But it is also about building and keeping a solid reputation and positive relationships in the workplace. If you want your work to be noticed and valued, try putting some of these practical strategies to work for you.
Some people may be tempted to slip into a routine and do just enough to get by. If, however, you are a person who wants to truly succeed at work, you will do your best every day. Your employer will appreciate your efforts and you will find your work to be more satisfying and fulfilling.

Thanks to the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) at http://www.alis.gov.ab.ca/ep/eps/tips/tips.html?Topic=All

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